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My aesthetic, I realised, while I sat on the step, will never be prim and neat and sleek and blow-dried and all “Donna Karen” and well behaved. I will never be bejewelled or made up or able to keep my sneakers clean.

I’m dusty and ….brown.

I walk into a room and within minutes I’ve mucked it up and made it… not messy…always practical and functional…but rarely pretty and polished.



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T-shirt: J.Crew.  Sweater:  vintage.  Shorts: J.Crew.  Sneakers: Superga. Bag: vintage.  Jewelry: Kiel James Patrick, H&M, Guitar strings (Thanks Alex!)
Happy Birthday America! I’m spending my fourth with my sister Addie.  I’ll be on vacation until next Wednesday! Enjoy your holiday and I’ll see you next week!
For sale here:
Beach cover up: vintage (for sale here).  Sunnies:  Elizabeth & James – Madison.  Bathing suit:  J.Crew. Jewelry: Kiel James Patrick.